Aperture 247 - Sleepwalking

Aperture 247 - Sleepwalking

Aperture Foundation
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Sleepwalking, guest edited by Alec Soth, explores photography’s relationship to dreams, wakefulness, and chance.

Sleepwalking covers a surprising array of images and stories from the Soviet-era Czech artist Emila Medová to Sophie Calle’s discovery of an abandoned Parisian hotel to Soth’s own photographs from his travels in the United States. In this issue, Jesse Dorris interviews Duane Michals about luck and fate, Marina Warner explores the enduring resonance of the figure of the sleepwalker, and artists including Etienne Courtois, Maja Daniels, and Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. present surreal and imaginative new series. The Summer 2022 issue also introduces The PhotoBook Review, a new section for lively engagement with photobooks, featuring reviews of recent titles by Nona Faustine, Samuel Fosso, Óscar Monzón, and others.

Song of the Open Road  
Guest editor Alec Soth on photography’s lyrical potential  
A Conversation with Siri Hustvedt

Sideways Logic 
Emila Medková’s wry Surrealism  
Olivia Laing

The Narrative Artist  
Sophie Calle’s art of games and chance  
Aaron Peck

Apparitional Automaton  
The figure of the sleepwalker in art  
Marina Warner

Angel, Fiend, Surrealist  
Lee Miller’s many lives  
Lauren Elkin

The Human Condition  
Duane Michals on luck and fate  
A Conversation with Jesse Dorris

June 2022
148 pages
23.5 x 30.4