Greg Girard - JAL 76-88

Greg Girard - JAL 76-88

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"Arriving in Tokyo in the spring of 1976 and, intending to stay only a few days, I spent the first night walking and photographing all over the city. By morning I knew I had to stay. The photographs in JAL 76-88 are artefacts of a pre-bubble Japan, and particularly Tokyo, before the term "BladeRunner-esque" became the default for a neon-soaked, urban Asia-influenced near future." - Greg Girard

JAL 76-88 updates and expands on work that first appeared in Tokyo-Yokusuka 1976-1983. With a Q&A by Brad Feuerhelm.




Soft cover with otabind and flaps
Release Date: March, 2022
Publisher: Kominek, Berlin
256 pages
208 x 275mm
Designed by Gonzalo Sanchez and Misha Kominek