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Desk Yoga Deck

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Desk Yoga offers approachable stretching and wellness practices that are easy to incorporate into your workday routine, wherever your office might be.

Work and life have changed, so it's time to change how we care for our bodies during work hours. The practical and beautiful deck offers 52 practices that can be done anytime, anywhere. Whether you need a stretch break or a mental reset, whether you have 10 minutes during lunch or only 2 minutes between calls, there is something for everyone-no mat required.

Organized by Chair Yoga, Standing Yoga, Pranayama & Mudras, and Meditation & Mindfulness exercises, this accessible guide to mental and physical health works no matter where you find your desk.

Approachable, humorous, and easy, this handsomely packaged and affordably priced guide is the perfect self-purchase or gift for anyone who wants an easy way to incorporate yoga into their everyday routine.

  • FOR THE WAY WE WORK NOW: Desk Yoga speaks to a large audience of people experiencing stress and anxiety around balancing home and work life, as well as to the aches and pains from their makeshift work spaces, commutes, and daily life.
  • FOR ANY INDUSTRY, ANY JOB: Great for every industry and any level of seniority. Workers need ways to get a stretch in or take a mental break at their desk-wherever it may be, and especially in cobbled-together at-home work environments, where simple stretches and yoga postures offer relief from not-so-great ergonomic setups.
  • FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Each exercise fits in your day, rather than you trying to find a way to fit it in. The accessible presentation, realistic approach (no mat or outfit change required), and easy-to-follow exercises will appeal to anyone looking to bring a little calm into their daily life-from yoga and meditation newbies who need some guidance to seasoned practitioners looking for fresh ways to incorporate yoga into their everyday routines.

Perfect for:

  • Mind/body/spirit enthusiasts, yogis and meditators
  • Working parents who are short on time
  • WFH employees who need to stretch out and calm their mind

About the authors

Darrin Zeer loves yoga! The love affair started twenty-five years ago in India. He is the bestselling author of Office Yoga and the more recent High Yoga, both from Chronicle Books.

Daisy Talleur-Zeer is a lifetime yogini, now momma, with a passion for family, yoga therapy, and real estate. Darrin and Daisy live in Manitou Springs, Colorado, with their daughter, Malia Tula, and their dog, Patch Adams. They like to hang out with the animals at Smokebrush Farm and soak in the natural mineral waters of SunWater Spa.

About the illustrator

Subin Yang is an illustrator currently based in Brooklyn. Characterized by bold, colorful shapes and loose but intentional linework, her illustrations often encompass themes of home, culture, and identity.