Howie Tsui  <br>Winged Assassin

Howie Tsui
Winged Assassin

Winged Assassin
Lenticular lightbox
24 ⅗” × 24 ⅗” × 2”
Edition of 8
Estimate: $7,400

About Howie Tsui
b. 1978, Hong Kong

Howie Tsui (Tsui Ho Yan / 徐浩恩) works across a variety of media, notably, elaborate large-scale animations. Tsui earned a BFA from the University of Waterloo In 2002 and received the Joseph Stauffer Prize in 2005. His work has exhibited widely in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, the U.S. and Asia. In 2020, Tsui had solo exhibitions at the Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver and at The Power Plant, Toronto, and currently has a new installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery.